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&Movie&Watch mo'vie No Lost Cause' subtitle.… Look at the page. No Lost Cause. [No Lost Cause Without Paying] tv Hindi HBO 2018r Pirate Bay No Lost CaUSe, Watch Full Watch movie spoilers Download Full No Lost. When it comes to forgiveness the majority of the forgiving is on the shoulders of the one who has been hurt in one way or another. Someone can come up to you and run into your car and damage it and hop out and say please forgive me. You could forgive them but you still got to fix your car. And of course in the mental and emotional realm. The price paid to forgive someone is even higher. Since it's a Christian movie, It's new news that Christ was all about forgiveness, his death offered us new life, but even then many people don't get that part of forgiveness in the gospel story. Forgiveness is hard much harder than asking for forgiveness as hard as that can be. So in the end I just see it is what price is paid, what has to be overcome, to forgive a personperiod in in this film I think there's a lot that points to the cost of forgiveness.

Movies are more than just the story or about the feeling that you get from the story not counting wonderful music or lots of money used for backdrops. Besides the ending that the previous reviewer to not agree with, I see if it's something that much more important that the movie is saying to all of us. This truth is probably been seen in other Hollywood movies, and I can't think of one right now, but the movie is about forgiveness.






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